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NikkieTutorials has a tattoo by Evan Kim of a world map on her right forearm.

“7 years ago I started this journey as an insecure girl who felt like she wasn’t good enough for the world. I could never truly be myself. Until you showed me that it’s okay to be me. That you love me for who I am and never judge me. There isn’t a day where I take it all for granted. Because of you I have the ability to travel the world, and experience freedom. But it isn’t just that.. you let me be my true sparkly self, and I feel your love, warmth and support all over the world. Because of you I feel confident and loved. And that to me is total freedom. I love you! ?”

– Nikkie said on her Instagram about her tattoo.

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posted by Cristina on December 26, 2016

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