Kesha’s Tattoos

Kesha Rose Sebert aka Ke$ha has well over 20 tattoos. Most are small pieces located on her right wrist and on her feet. She’s a fan of homemade “stick-and-poke” style tattoos and many of her tattoos were done for her by friends. She has also picked up the tattoo gun herself and given tattoos to friends and fans.

Joe Sutter / PacificCoastNews, Instagram / @iiswhoiis
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Kesha gave herself this stick-and-poke whale tattoo while on vacation in Mexico in May 2016. “New tattoo? … whale shark blob whatever. I hope my hand doesn’t fall off,” she wrote in an instagram photo. Kesha went swimming with whale sharks on the trip and it was a spiritual experience for her. “When a whale shark decides to be ur best friend and reconnect you to your true self and nature and spirituality and magic and beauty and love and gratitude…..I LOVE THIS WHALE SHARK. I CANT EVEN. #whalesharklife,” she wrote. Now that feeling is commemorated permanently with this tattoo.

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Kesha got this tattoo of an alien spaceship on her left forearm in February 2016.  The simple drawing includes dotted lines to indicate that it is about to abduct someone. “Meet me in space,” she wrote on instagram. Her artist Sean From Texas frequently features aliens and spaceships in his tattoos.

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    PacificCoastNews, Instagram / @iiswhoiis
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    Kesha got a tattoo of a whale on her left forearm from artist Matt Ahn at Invisible NYC in January 2016. “Save the whales save the whales save the whales – gorgeous ink from @invisiblenyc@mattahntattoo thank u! I love my whale! it reminds me of when I deep dive with them in the oceannnnnn,” she wrote.  She has nicknamed her tattoo “Stuart.” Kesha loves sea creature so much that she gave herself a second whale tattoo a few months later.

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    Instagram / @iiswhoiis / @mihonails
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    Kesha got a tattoo of the planet Saturn on her left palm from artist Sean From Texas in November 2015. The tattoo symbolizes that Kesha is going through the “return of Saturn” period of her life.  The planet Saturn occupies the same place in the sky every 29.5 years, and horoscopic astrology believes that it significant when Saturn returns to same place in the sky that it was at the time when a person was born. It is thought that years surrounding the first return of Saturn are when a person becomes fully an adult. This period lasts roughly from age 27 to 31. Kesha, who was born on March 1, 1987, was 28 years old when she got the tattoo.

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    Kesha has a blue ink tattoo on the inside of right foot. It looks like writing, but it’s not clear what it says.

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      Kesha dollar sign hand tattoo
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      Kesha got this dollar sign tattoo early in her career. The dollar sign in her name actually came from her tattoo which symbolizes her lack of money at the time.

      “The dollar sign in my name is a tattoo–a bad tattoo. And, uh, it just came about because I was broke, and I was just making a joke out of it. Instead of being, like, mad like, ‘I’m so broke,’ I was just like, ‘WHATEVER! Out of money…Whatever. I don’t need money.’ So, out of money, put it on my hand, put it in my name, and it was just kind of a joke, and it stuck.”

      She stylized her name as Ke$ha for many years. After she left rehab in March 2014 she turned over a new leaf and dropped the dollar sign from her name because she felt that it represented her old self.


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        Kesha suck it lip tattoo
        YoutTube / Team Coco, Instagram / @iiswhoiis
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        Kesha tattooed “SUCK IT!” on the inside of her lip in June 2012. The inner lip is often used for silly tattoos such as these because it’s almost always hidden, but Kesha showed hers off in a photo posted to her twitter.

        She got the tattoo as a way of telling off her haters. She revealed to Conan “I was kind of fed up with all the nasty little bloggers and I was like ‘you know what, suck it.’” (more…)

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        kesha-c-foot-tattoo, YouTube / Team Coco
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        Kesha got this letter “C” tattoo on her foot for an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show in August 2014. She wore a dress with his face printed on it for her previous visit, but this time she took it a step further.

        “It’s for you,” she told Conan. “I was so excited to see you last night, I was in a frenzy. I was running around with my cats and I didn’t know what to do, and so I tattooed a C on my foot.”

        She convinced her assistant to get the C tattoo as well. “My assistant, who has no tattoos, she’s like the sweetest little angel — I was like ‘come here’ and I chased her down and gave her one too.” (more…)

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        Kesha animal foot tattoo
        AKM-GSI, Instagram / @iiswhoiis
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        Kesha tattooed the word “ANIMAL” on the top of her left foot in July 2013. It is in honor of her fans, whom she calls animals. Animal was the title of her 2010 debut album. She shared a picture of the tattoo on instagram with the caption “I love my animals. I couldn’t sleep because I was so overwhelmed by how amazing you all are to me.”

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        Kesha cat toe tattoo
        Insatgram / @iiswhoiis
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        Kesha got a cat face on her left big toe in July 2013 at the same time as her “Animal” tattoo. She is a huge cat lover and has three pet cats — Mr. Peep$, Mr. Fluffy Pant$, and Charlie.

        She has also jokingly formed a Cat Cult. “So I’ve always wanted to have a cult, I think I could be a pretty good cult leader,” she told E!. “So I’m going to start a cult and people can be in it if they like to be cats or play with cats or play with cat toys.” (more…)

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        Kesha fun foot tattoo
        s_bukley /, Twitter / @KeshaRose
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        Kesha tattooed the word “FUN” in red ink on her left foot in March 2012. “Woke up this morning feeling fun. New tat!” she tweeted. (more…)

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          kesha cross wrist tattoo
          worldswildlifewonders /, Robin Wong / PR Photos
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          Kesha got this homemade cross tattoo on her wrist in celebration of completing her first album in 2009. A friend did the tattoo using a safety pin and pen ink.

          She told Details “I had just finished my record, so that night we got a little crazy, and we thought it was a really good idea to give each other tattoos to symbolize such a special event in my life. So he gave me a cross. Or one could call it a t. Or an x.” (more…)

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          Kesha anchor wrist tattoo
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          Kesha’s anchor tattoo on her wrist was her first. “The first tattoo is an anchor I got when I snuck into Cuba when I was 18. I got that because we were hanging out with this guy, and he was like, ‘If you give me five dollars, I’ll give you a tattoo.’ So I’m like, ‘All right, fine.’ He gave me an anchor tattoo because I’m a diver.” (more…)

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          1. Yo all u haters need to back off. Its her body let her be her nobody gives a pooabout what u all think. Ke$ha is freaking amazing and of u dont like her why r u all looking her up. Shes my idol and i dont care what any of u peope have to say about that u should all back of cuz its not ur body shes not related to u so back off! Would u like it if somebody told u what to do but if none of u have nothing good to say then dont say anything at all! Because if all you guys have nothing better to do than insult her thats sad and shows everyone that u guys have no life! Shes a legend… So what if she has tattoos they all have aeaning to her they might not to u but its her shes origonal in a awesome way! So stop judging her if u dont like her cuz u only live once and shes having the time of her life! Its her life so stop judgeing her just cuz u dont like it! So yea! Ke$ha u rock! ROCK ON!!

          2. Ke$ha is exactly who she wants to be. She says to always be yourself, unapologetically & to give the finger to the haters.
            Her tattoos are on her body. NOT YOURS! Yes tattoos last forever and so will her memories that are attached to them.
            It’s 2013.. Sorry to tell you but the bible is out of date. People can believe whatever they choose. You cannot tell her (or anyone else on this earth) what to believe in. You can think her tats are a sign of the devil if you wish but I don’t think she gives a fuck. She’s not telling you how to live your life so don’t tell her how to live hers.

            Love into the Light. Animals unite <3

          3. I think it a stupit tattos nd all dat tattos are belong to a devil.. all i want to say god is a king of Kings,satan has no power he tels lie’s nd he have a empty promices

          4. At least she didn’t catch anything from those random homemade tattoos. Especially the one from a guy she just met for $5.00. She’s so crazy though, just like her songs. <3 I love them!

          5. Ummm.. There all in the same place. And there kinda dumb tattoos too. And she got a tattoo from some random guy (if she didn’t know him..) for five BUCKS?!? Man i wish REAL tattoos were that cheap. Sucks for me tho..

          6. Kesha is the most random person I have ever seen. Her tattoos are pretty pointless , I mean a tatoo will last on your skin practically forever. Tattos getting with a meaning is something else , thats great if you decide to get a tatoo but atleast it has a bit of a story to it. @Kaysee , I respct that decision about getting your tattoo because of your husband. Her’s are just stupid items that might not even have a meaning to them. I dont really like them may I say. But my oppinion is only one right ? (:

          7. I like the dollar signs. The others are a bit random, but hey, she is random! I respect that she is her own person!

          8. My tattoos are homemade too. Big whoop. I have an anchor tatted on me too in the same spot as her. But i honestley think mines more, you know, noticable. I got it cuz my husband’s in the Navy though. And i got a smiley face tatted on me when i was 14. It’s close to where her dollar sign is.

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