Hamsa Tattoos

Jourdan Dunn

Model Jourdan Dunn and tattoo artist Cally-Jo created a beautiful Hamsa tattoo design for the limited edition HTC INK! The Hamsa design on her arm the same one that’s on the back of the Limited Edition HTC One M9 INK handset.
Hamsa tattoos have a deep spiritual meaning. It is supposed that the hand symbol represent bravery, calmness, confidence. The eye Horus is a symbol of protection and scare away evil.

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Kesha eye hand tattoo

Kesha has an eye tattoo on the palm of her right hand which features prominently in her “Crazy Kids” music video. Its placement is inspired by Middle Eastern hamsa amulets, which are shaped like a hand with an eye in the center. The hamsa is thought to provide protection from the “evil eye” and other evil spirits.


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Genesis Rodriguez

The tattoo on Génesis Rodríguez’s is a hamsa, a hand-shaped amulet which is though to protect against the evil eye. Hamsas are common throughout the Middle East but hers has Israeli imagery with a Star of David (Jewish star) and the hebrew word chai (חַי‎) which means “life.” Génesis is not Jewish but was inspired by a trip that she took to Israel to film a TV show.

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