Bethany Cosentino Tattoos

Bethany Cosentino has a tattoo on her left ring finger of the Triple Goddess symbol, which is the three phases of the moon. In pagan mythology the waxing moon is the “Maiden” who represents new beginnings, the full moon is the “Mother” representing power and fertility, and the waning moon is the “Crone” symbolizing wisdom and death.

Bethany Cosentino has a tattoo on her left arm of her own cat’s name “Snacks” and her family dog’s name “Roxy.” She had the Snacks tattoo first and added Roxy’s name as a memorial after Roxy died. Snacks is still alive and well.

She told Sad Girls Guide: “My mom and I got matching tattoos of our dog’s name ‘Roxy’ when we were in Denver in February [2014]. She passed away and was our family dog for years, so we felt like we had to forever commemorate her. I have her name tattooed below my cat’s name on my left forearm.”