Hart and Huntington Tattoo Tattoos

Alexia Rodriguez

In June 2010, Alexia Rodriguez got this Bride Of Frankenstein tattoo with a purple face and blue and yellow hair on the inside of her arm. It is a companion to her existing Frankenstein tattoo. You can watch a video of her getting the tattoo done here. This tattoo was done at Hart and Huntington Tattoo at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. They write:

Guitarist and lead Vocalist Alexia Rodriguez had a Frankenstein piece that was a little lonely on her upper shoulder so we had to sit her down with artist Jime Litwalk and give big Frank a little punk rock bride. Leave it up to Jime to take and transform a simple idea into an original piece of your own by adding his own twist and sick style. Alexia sat for 3 hours in the back VIP room and knocked out the whole tat from outline to final wipe in a nonchalant fashion. Well, maybe there was a little help from the Hard Rock Bar in there somewhere…

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