Juliet Simms has a tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis on the right side of her rib cage. She got the black-and-gray tattoo in February 2017 at the same time as her nickname on her neck. The design is similar to Rihanna’s iconic Isis underboob tattoo.

Yesterday I had so much fun with my NTIO team and our artists. @AshCostello did an on-site photo shoot with us- and the pictures are gorgeous! Love this amazing badass woman! @MattyMullins and @MemphisMayfire hosted a children's charity meet and greet for @operationcoexist which gives music lessons and instruments to foster children. @Andyblack hosted the NTIO team on his bus and brought them all in VIP style so they could get around and meet so many new artists! It was a great day. You can read the @nevertakeitoff mission statement below. Special thank you to @kevinlyman and @vanswarpedtour for… well everything❤ “The Never Take It Off Vow Bracelets were created to bring strength to the process of change and choice. Each piece comes with a list of vows to encourage the individual tying it on to never give up, never back down and never stop trying. Never take it off…” #NTIO #NeverTakeItOff #AshCostello #MattyMullins #AndyBiersack #VansWarpedTour

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