State Tattoos

Sherri DuPree-Bemis

In May 2011, Sherri DuPree-Bemis had her own drawing of Texas turned into a tattoo by Alice Kendall at Infinity Tattoo in Portland, OR. There is a moon smiling over a house which is a reference to the Eisley lyrics “mr. moon shines down on my home” from the song “Mr. Moon.” The tattoo expresses her love for her home state–the DuPree family lives in Tyler, TX and Sherri now owns a house there with her husband Max Bemis. The drawing is quite intricate and includes a rabbit, deer, butterflies, raspberry, strawberries, pine cone, pine trees and flowers. (more…)

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Bethany Cosentino

Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino has three tattoos on the onside of her left arm.

On her upper arm is an illustraion of a two-tailed mermaid, also know as a Melusine. The tattoo resembles the original logo of Starbucks coffee.

On her elbow are the words “California Dreamin'”

One her forearm is a solid black silhouette of the state of California with the silhouette of a bear, California’s state animal, in the negative space. Best Coast’s logo looks like this but with a cat instead of a bear.

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