Hummingbird Tattoos

Maren Morris

Maren Morris has a tattoo of a watercolor-style hummingbird on the inside of her left forearm.  She loves hummingbirds, but it is symbolic of her music career as well.  She explained to Country Note:

This is my first tattoo.  It’s a hummingbird.  My first ever guitar was a Gibson Hummingbird.  And I just love them.  That was when I was 18.

Based on an interview with Huffington Post, it seems like the Gibson Hummingbird was actually her third guitar.  She got a cheap Ibanez acoustic guitar from her dad when she was 12, which she loaned to a neighbor and never saw again; and Martin acoustic guitar which she still has.  The Gibson Hummingbird was an 18th birthday present from her parents.

Regardless, the Gibson Hummingbird is the one that’s special to her.  We love that she found a creative an beautiful way to represent it with this hummingbird design rather than getting a picture of the guitar itself.


Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland got this tattoo of a hummingbird behind her ear in November 2014 from artist Dr Woo. She explained its meaning in an instagram post: “The hummingbird, though it be but little, can travel great distances. It is a carrier of joy and lightness of being. Independent and resilient; the hummingbird lifts negative energy from your life and shows you the perfect combination of playfulness and endurance. Thank you @dr_woo_ssc for giving me this little guy to always remind me that (and whisper sweet nothings in to my ear)”

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