Miley Cyrus Tattoos

Miley Cyrus got matching tattoos of her Happy Hippie Foundation smiley face logo with a group of pals in November 2016.  Artist Daniel Winter stopped by Miley’s Los Angeles house to do the inkings — then Miley grabbed the tattoo gun and gave him his own.

Among the group of friends who got the tattoo was an Oklahoma City vintage dealer known as The Junk Fairy who has sourced many of Miley’s whacky outfits. She writes:

Other surreal moment…When Miley asks you to get a matching tattoo! My first! Even at almost age 61! Seven of us got matching tiny @happyhippiefdn smiley faces-that she designed!😀😀😀 @winter_stone did several at Miley’s amazing house. #notdrunk #honored 💉💉 More too not in photo!! #bondedforlife 💛💛💛 #hopefulhippies

Miley’s super-tall dancer Amazon Ashley, close friend Katy Weaver, and photographer Jonce were also part of the group.

The design that they all got is a smiley face with two letter “H”s for eyes.  It is the logo for the Happy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit which Miley Cyrus founded to help combat homelessness among LQBTQ youth.


One of Miley Cyrus’s most mysterious tattoos is the tiny word “MOO” on her left forearm, which she got some time in 2015. Miley has never spoken about this tattoo, so we don’t know what it means. The most likely guess is that is has something to do with her love of animals and her meat-free and dairy-free vegan diet.


In July 2015, Miley Cyrus got friendship tattoos with Katy Weaver. The pair had a few matching tattoos already, so this time they got their nicknames for each other. Miley got a tattoo on the back of her left upper arm which says “KATZ” as a play on Katy’s name. Katy’s tattoo is on her right forearm and has her pet name for Miley: “MEOWTZ.” Miley placed her tattoo close to her “BIEWTY” tattoo which is another nickname for another friend, Cheyne Thomas. Both tattoos have the same style of simple capital letters.

At some point Miley decided “KATZ” just wasn’t cutesy enough for her and added a “Y” to the end so that now it says “KATZY.”


Miley Cyrus revealed a new tattoo on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2014. It’s done in a watered-down gray ink which makes it hard to see relative to her other inkings. The new writing on her right bicep says “I’m in your corner” on one line with country music legend Johnny Cash‘s signature on another line below it.

The quote doesn’t come from any public statement of Cash’s, but rather from a private letter that he wrote to Billy Ray Cyrus in 1992, following the success of Cyrus’ breakout song “Achy Breaky Heart.” Though the song received a lot of criticism for being a throw-away hit, Cash extended his support and welcomed Billy Ray into the country music community. In the hand-written letter, Cash wrote:

“Thirty-six years ago, I was working with Elvis and saw him take the same kind of flak you’re taking now. Congratulations on the way you’re handling it all. In your case, as in Elvis’, the good outweighs the bad. Let ’em have it. I’m in your corner.

Billy Ray Cyrus has the letter framed and on display in his home, where Miley surely saw it and took the message to heart. Though Miley has yet to speak about the tattoo, Billy Ray talks about the what the letter meant to him in a video clip:

“Johnny Cash wrote me the letter I carry around in the [“Thin Line” music] video. He wrote it to me in June of 1992. In some ways he wrote it at a time that I was going through the storm of my life. To receive that letter from Johnny Cash, and he ends it with ‘Let ’em have it, I’m in your corner.’ Knowing that Johnny Cash was in my corner, quite frankly, that was my rock. It not only was the cornerstone of that time period in my life but in some ways it became the cornerstone of the rock I stand on now.”


Miley Cyrus got a tattoo of a fish on her upper arm from artist Dr Woo in February 2015.  It is a tribute to Miley’s pet blowfish who passed away. She has a history of commemorating her pets through both her music and tattoos. She wrote a song “Pablow the Blowfish” for her digital album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz which was released in August 2015, a few months after the tattoo.


Miley Cyrus celebrated the 4th of July in 2015 by getting this tattoo of an avocado on the back of her upper left arm from artist Lauren Winzer.  Avocados are one of Miley’s favorite foods, especially after becoming vegan. Her instagram posts show lots of meals including the nutrient-rich fruit. On one avocado photo she wrote:

The luxurious life of a vegetarian in LA… So many good plants/fruits/veggies to eat you ain’t gottttta eat dead animals! Everything that goes into my body is aliiiiivvvve! To keeeep ME alive! Love this life!

Miley is a proud advocate for animal rights in all forms: she is against hunting, only wears faux furs, and is the owner of many rescue pets.