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In July 2015, Miley Cyrus got friendship tattoos with Katy Weaver. The pair had a few matching tattoos already, so this time they got their nicknames for each other. Miley got a tattoo on the back of her left upper arm which says “KATZ” as a play on Katy’s name. Katy’s tattoo is on her right forearm and has her pet name for Miley: “MEOWTZ.” Miley placed her tattoo close to her “BIEWTY” tattoo which is another nickname for another friend, Cheyne Thomas. Both tattoos have the same style of simple capital letters.

At some point Miley decided “KATZ” just wasn’t cutesy enough for her and added a “Y” to the end so that now it says “KATZY.”

Katz tatz featuring my huge zit

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MEOWTZ @mileycyrus

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Healed avi from last year ? (there's no avocado emoji so that will do) @mileycyrus ????

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posted by Linda on December 13, 2016

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