Incomplete Tattoos


Halsey got this match on her forearm as a matching tattoo with three of her fans in May 2015. In an interview she explained that she picked the lucky fans randomly on Twitter. She relates to her fans, most of whom are around the same age as her, and wanted to give them something more than just a hang-out session.

I got match-ing [get it ?] tattoos with them, and that’s the joke. I also told them that an unlit match represents not playing all your good cards like you have one. It’s unlit and I think what that represents is potential. You can strike at any moment. And I told them that when they feel like they’ve reached a point of potential in their life, or they feel like they’ve done something that they wanted to do for a long time, I told them that they should go back, get a flame added to it, and then let me know when they do, because it’s a significant moment. And I told them I would do the same, so I’m just holding out for that moment because I don’t know when I’m going to reach my potential. But hopefully one day something will be enough for me.


Maggie Lindemann

Maggie Lindemann intends to cover-up this tattoo on her wrist — but not in the way that you think. She got an outline of a broken heart in red heart to represent the fact that she is incomplete because she hasn’t found her special someone.  And when she does, she’ll change the tattoo into a solid red heart. “My tattoo is not for any ex or anyone in general. It means I’m not whole until I find the person I’m gonna marry,” she tweeted. “And whenever I find him then I’ll fill the heart and be whole again.”

This was her very first tattoo, which she got on May 5th 2016 from artist Romeo Lacoste, beginning a streak of over 10 tattoos in less than a year.


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