Marzia Bisognin got a tattoo of a heart on her upper arm in October 2014. It has the initials “M.F.” for her mom and dad’s names Marziano and Franca. She shared a picture of the freshly-done ink wrapped in saran wrap and explained:

“I have just done it and I have to keep it covered for a few hours, dirty with extra ink and blood, but I wanted to show it anyway since everyone is going CRAY CRAY :P Before you misunderstand this tattoo, the initials stand for Marziano and Franca – my parents :) Nothing else. Oh, and if you are curious, it’s in the back of my arm. And no, it didn’t hurt!”

Marzia wanted to set the record straight so her followers wouldn’t assume that the “M” and “F” are for Marzia and Felix, her boyfriend (known on YouTube as PewDiePie).

Instagram / @itsmarziapie

Instagram / @itsmarziapie

Admiring Barcelona.

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First day in the ocean, this year. ? • swimsuit @lazyoafs •

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An actual summer day, finally. ??

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posted by Linda on February 22, 2015

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