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Ariana Grande has a tattoo of the word “always” on left side of her rib cage. The inking was revealed in the music video for “Bed” with Nicki Minaj in June 2018. It’s another token of her whirlwind relationship with fiance Pete Davidson and it appears to be written in his handwriting. Fans have compared it to a letter that he wrote to show that it’s a match.

Her choice of the word “always” is presumably a reference to the Harry Potter series. Both Ariana and Pete are huge fans and they’ve got other Harry Potter tattoos as well. He has the Deathly Hallows symbol on his arm, a lightning bolt on his wrist, and a long quote in the Harry Potter font. Ariana’s an even bigger fan and he’s mocked her encyclopedic knowledge of every minor detail in the books.

got a bed ….. wit your name on it

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posted by Amelia on August 29, 2018

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