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Jessie J has a tattoo of an open circle on her left wrist which is a matching tattoo with her mother and father. The English singer and her parents visited artist Bang Bang while on a trip to New York City in November 2015. “Mum and Dad and I all got the same tattoo | Circle of love/trust Making memories and ticking things off their bucket list. Shout out to @bangbangnyc for making it happen on this special trip!,” she wrote.  Jessie J already had four other tattoos, but it seems that her parents wanted to get their first.  Jessie describes the circle design as an “amazing meaningful simple tattoo.”

Jessie shared video clips on her instagram page of she and her parents getting inked, which you can check out below:

Check the foot though "Dance tune" Proud of you Dad. Bucket list – Get a tattoo ✔️ Thank you @bangbangnyc

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posted by Linda on October 16, 2016

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