Treble Clef Tattoos

Sia Furler

Sia shows her love of music with this treble clef tattoo on her right ankle. Ironically, she can’t actually read sheet music! That hasn’t stopped her from become one of the biggest songwriters in pop music. She writes songs by trying out many different vocal melodies over an existing track, either one sent to her from a producer or played on the piano by her long-time collaborator Greg Kurstin. Once she’s created out a tune that she likes, she fits lyrics into it and producers add instrumental arrangements to fit with her melody.


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Ajiona Alexus

Ajiona Alexus got this tattoo behind her left ear in October 2014.  It is a large treble clef with a small music note and star behind it.  The simple black ink design has a hand-drawn look to it.

Although she is best know for her breakout role as Sheri Holland on 13 Reason Why, Ajiona is a singer as well an actress.  She released her debut 2-song mixtape Radio Ready back in 2012 and has been hustling ever since, often posting covers on her YouTube and SoundCloud pages.

“People come & go…but music is EVERLASTING!!!,” she once tweeted.

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Rihanna’s second tattoo was two music notes on the inside of her right foot. The notes are a treble clef and sixteenth note. It is believed top be inspired by her music career, as she was just starting out in the music industry at the time.

She got the tattoo in Australia while she was in the country to perform at the Universal Music showcase on May 31, 2006.  She kept it for many years, but eventually had it covered with a large falcon in June 2012.

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