Janel Parrish Tattoos

Janel Parrish is the most tattooed member of the Pretty Little Liars cast, and she went with five of her cast-mates to get matching tattoos following the final day of filming on October 28th 2016. Each of the “liars” got the first letter of their character’s name, with Janel’s being a capital “M.” for Mona Vanderwaal. All had the tattoos placed on their right index finger because of the shushing motion that they make in the introduction to the show.

“We got the Shhhhhhh immortalized. #pllforever” she wrote on her instagram. “PLL immortalized. I love you girls. Thank you.” (more…)

Janel Parrish covered up the old treble clef tattoo on her wrist with a lotus flower in May 2015.  The lotus symbolizes survival through hardships. “Finally got my lotus. A lotus is the only flower that can grow in mud. Through darkness blooms beauty if you let it,” she writes.