Sieze The Day Tattoos

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni got her third tattoo in April 2011.  The phrase “Ode Alla Vita,” meaning “Ode to Life” in her native Italian, is the title of a poem by Brazilan writer Martha Medeiros (though it has often been misattributed to Chilean poet Pablo Neruda). She wrote on her blog:

My third tattoo: the sentence “Ode alla vita” on the right arm, to always remind me how important it is to live at our best each day, and to celebrate a friend who used to share with me the passion for this poem.


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SZA celebrated her debut studio album “Ctrl” by getting the title tattooed on her left forearm. The album was officially released on June 9, 2017 but SZA got the tattoo a few month prior.

Some of SZA’s die-hard fans have showed their devotion by getting their own “Ctrl” tattoos. One fan posted a picture of the tattoo that he got before the album was released and captioned it “I don’t listen yet but it already changed my life.”  SZA was so flattered that she reposted the picture and wrote “You’ve already changed mine. (got mines in the same spot too)”.

The album title “Ctrl” represents living in the present moment and just letting life happen without trying to control every little thing.

“It’s about analog and being at a time where we were brought information more slowly,” she told Complex. “Control is a concept, you think about getting away from analog, control is an illusion, you try and force it.”


Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has a matching tattoo on the side of her left middle finger which says “here” with a little black star. “Some matching ink with my sis SaSa,” she wrote. She got the tattoo in October 2011, before most of her hand tattoos.

This tattoo symbolizes living each day to the fullest.  She wrote in a Facebook comment“yes it means live in the moment.. BE IN THE PRESENT. I was going to get “Present” and then thought.. OH HELL NO.. that will look like .. something wrong.”


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Katya Elise Henry

Katya Elise Henry has the word “celebrate” tattooed on her hand as a tribute to her deceased grandfather. She got the tattoo from artist Imxtana in August 2015. She explained its meaning in an instagram post:

Sometimes I need this as a reminder. Celebrate what you have been given. Focus on what you do have and not what you don’t. That is how my grandpa lived his whole life. Love and miss you grandpa.


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Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry has this little “><” greater than/less than symbol tattooed on her elbow to remind her to live in the current moment. Her husband Stephan Curry has a matching tattoo. Rather than getting them together, it seems that Ayesha got hers first and Steph was so inspired that he got his own a month later.  On October 1, 2014, Ayesha shared a photo of her tattoo and explained:

My new little reminder to be present. We get so wrapped up in what needs to happen next that we forget to enjoy the beauty of what’s happening right NOW. Right here, right now. Enjoy the blessings you already have. #onemomentatatime #iampresent #grateful

Then on November 7, 2014, she posted a picture of both tatts and wrote:

@wardell30 copied me ☺️? #hisswagmatchmine