Bunny Meyer got this portrait tattoo on the top of her right foot during spring break in 2011. “This was my first color tattoo and also my first large area tattoo,” she explained in a video. “It’s a cameo of Al Swearengen who is a character from the TV show Deadwood.” His face is in a golden picture frame with two crossed miner’s knives at the bottom.

The tattoo was done by Dave Boseman at Locally Famous Tattoo in Houston, TX. He got through it in one session which took roughly seven hours. “He is by far the best portrait artist I have even seen,” Bunny says.

She original planned on getting tattoos on both feet, but has reconsidered since this one was so painful. She was shocked by how much it hurt since her first tattoo on her wrist was relatively pain-free. “I was going to get another cameo on my left foot of another Deadwood character so they would match and be a set. But I have not been able to convince myself to do this because the first time around was so horrible.” Even after the tattoo was done, her foot was so swollen that she couldn’t walk for a week.

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posted by Linda on November 12, 2014

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