Demi Lovato faith elbow tattoo

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Demi Lovato tattooed the word “faith” on her right arm, below her elbow, in December 2011. This is a matching tattoo with her friend Lauren Martin, whom she met in treatment at Timberline Knolls.

Demi’s father isn’t a fan of her tattoos and she has a history of getting tattoos without telling him. She didn’t tell him about her “faith” or finger tattoos. However she plans to keep getting more tattoos despite his disapproval. When asked if she was thinking about a new tattoo, Demi responded “Always! I’m like ‘what can I get next’ and my dad’s like ‘nooooo!’…He does not approve of them.”

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posted by Linda on November 6, 2014

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  1. Hey however said it is an L, it isn’t an L. It is a fancy F, clearly in a fancy font. But it is infact and F.

  2. I guess this is what happens when you don’t pay attention in school, but the first letter is not an F, it is an L. Learn how to write before you do a tattoo.

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