Bea Miller got this red square tattoo on her hand as a matching tattoo with three members of her crew: makeup artist and hairstylist April Bautista, social media manager Becky Sake, and digital marketer Kelley Fox.  The four sides of the square represent the four of them. “my team > urs” wrote Bea on instagram.

my team > urs ?@generation8tattoo

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y'all will understand this soon, don't worry. thanks as always @generation8tattoo ?

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Thanks for coming in @beamiller always a pleasure having you come by ????tattoo by @davehtattoos #beamiller#generation8tattoo

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Celebrity: Bea Miller





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posted by Linda on June 27, 2017

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  1. That’s not what the tattoo means… The four sides don’t represent the four of them. It represents a chapter of her music, Chapter Two: Red. Her and her team members spontaneously decided to get it, while joking around saying it was to promote Bea’s music.

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