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Bea Miller got this heart and brain tattoo on the back of her upper left arm from artist Guillermo J Gonzalez in February 2017. This was her first time visiting the Generation8Tattoo parlor, where she now gets all of her tattoos. She showed off a picture of the tattoo and wrote “The result of last night’s impulsivity. Made new friends at @generation8tattoo”

The tattoo has a human heart in red ink on top of a brain outlined in black ink. It represents the conflict between emotions and logic.

dropping the repercussions video thursday morning…?

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the result of last night's impulsivity. made new friends at @generation8tattoo

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Tattoo by @estiloraps_tattoos on @beamiller thanks for coming in #beamiller

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Celebrity: Bea Miller




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posted by Linda on June 23, 2017

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