Lion Tattoos

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato got a tattoo of a lion’s face on the back of her left hand in August 2017. She stopped by artist Bang Bang’s New York City studio while she was in the city for the Time 100 Gala.

The lion has many meanings: it is the symbol for her astrological sign Leo, a icon of strength, and a reference to her song “Lionheart.” The song is about about finding strength through love and was partly inspired by her deceased dog Buddy, whom she called her little lion heart. A lionheart is someone with exceptional courage and bravery.

Demi has said that if she were any animal she would be a lion and if she could have any animal as a pet she would have either a lion or a unicorn.


Jackie Cruz

Jackie Cruz has a lion tattoo on her right forearm. This tattoo is special because it has a few different meanings for her: she’s a Leo and it represents her zodiac sign but it also represents the fact that she is a survivor and a leader. Inked on a side of her forearm, the tattoo is hidden and is a reminder to keep her head up and be strong, even if it looks impossible.

LIGHTS Poxleitner

Lights has a lion on her left elbow.  She has a song called “Lions” and admires them as an animal.  “I’ve always thought lions were the epitome of beauty and strength and power,” she says.

Lions are also tied to memories of her childhood.  “My mom used to sit there in bed and read us the Narnia series growing up. And Aslan [the lion character in the books] represented something really great.  It’s just kinda grace and power all in one.”