Melanie Martinez Tattoos

Melanie Martinez visited Lauren Winzer while in tour in Australia in August 2016 and got this little yellow duckling wearing a bonnet tattooed on her right arm, along with two others, all of which are inspired by vintage plush toys and nursery decals. (more…)

    This pink little lamb on Melanie Martinez’s left arm is part of a trio of tattoos that she got from Lauren Winzer in August 2016. All three are inspired by vintage nursery decals. This particular design was drawn specifically for Melanie by Chloe Tersigni, the artist who illustrated her Crybaby album storybook.


      In May 2016, Melanie Martinez got this tattoo of a clock from artist Pancho Placas at High Seas Tattoo Parlor. It is inspired by the works of contemporary artist Mark Ryden, but Melanie added her own little bit of flair to the design.  She took the face of a wall clock from the 2000 painting The Butcher Bunny and put it on an old fashioned alarm clock. (more…)

      Melanie Martinez’s upper arm tattoo is a young girl eating a bowl of alphabet soup — but she added some spiders to give it a morbid twist.  She explained to GRAMMY Pro:

      It’s based off an illustration from the 50’s of a Campbell’s Soup girl eating soup, but I had him draw bugs next to it.

      It was done by Pancho Placas at High Seas Tattoo Parlor in May 2016, at the same time as her clock tattoo. (more…)

      Melanie Martinez has a tattoo on her left calf of the children’s book character Madeline along with a quote from the series.  In the stories, Madeline lives in a Catholic boarding school in Paris.  She and her schoolmates always say a prayer before they eat their meals: “We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all, we love each other.” It is a reminder that the people in our lives are the most important thing.  Melanie included this prayer in her tattoo, which features Madeline holding a loaf of bread and is surrounded by little pink hearts. It was inked by artist Nat G at Good Luck Tattoo in January 2016.


      This heart tattoo on Melanie Martinez’s upper right arm is one of two tattoo that she got from Nat G at Good Luck tattoo while on tour in Melbourne, Australia in January 2016. She included “222” which is her lucky number “The number follows me around everywhere. Usually whenever I see it something good happens,” she tweeted.  Fans wondered if she was inspired by her The Voice mentor Adam Levine, who has a “222” tattoo on his arm as well as a record label 222 Records and a clothing line called 222. But Melanie dispelled that notion, tweeting back at a fan saying it “has nothing to do with him.” (more…)