Melanie Martinez has a tattoo of a pair of teal and pink candy hearts on her left elbow. This was one of her first two tattoos, which were both done by artist Lauren Winzer in July 2014.


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Celebrity: Melanie Martinez




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posted by Linda on July 8, 2014

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    • Your such a karen just shut up and move on, its not like it hurting anybody that there is no meaning and also maybe there s no meaning. Ever think of that? i didn’t think so. ——-You are just trying to find something to be mad about cause you probably hate your own life. (that last statement was just a guess I don’t know if its true or not but it probably is tbh)

      • why are you so upset? maybe not all her tattoos had a meaning or she hasn’t talked about the meanings of all of them. all this page is doing is showing melanie’s tattoos, regardless of if theyhave meaning or not. don’t try and find excuses to get offended.

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