Numerology Tattoos

Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui got this Roman numeral tattoo on her right elbow in August 2015. It says “XXVII” which represents the number 27.

She considers 27 to be her lucky number. It is the date of two major life events: she was born on June 27, 1996 and her musical group Fifth Harmony was formed on July 27, 2012 during the second season of The X Factor USA. Fifth Harmony named their sophomore album 7/27 after the date they were formed and released the album on May 27, 2016 to fit with the 27 theme. Lauren sees the number 27 in other places as well: “Everytime I’ve looked at the clock today it’s been __:27 weird,” she once tweeted.

Along with a photo of the tattoo, Lauren posted a link to a numerology website which explains that people born on the 27th day of the month are believed to be “compassionate, highly intelligent and kind…true humanitarians, natural teachers, healers and counselors.”


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Melanie Martinez

This heart tattoo on Melanie Martinez’s upper right arm is one of two tattoo that she got from Nat G at Good Luck tattoo while on tour in Melbourne, Australia in January 2016. She included “222” which is her lucky number “The number follows me around everywhere. Usually whenever I see it something good happens,” she tweeted.  Fans wondered if she was inspired by her The Voice mentor Adam Levine, who has a “222” tattoo on his arm as well as a record label 222 Records and a clothing line called 222. But Melanie dispelled that notion, tweeting back at a fan saying it “has nothing to do with him.” (more…)

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