Fire Tattoos

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus has some of her own lyrics tattooed on her bicep.  The cursive ink on her inner right arm says “I’ve been on fire lately” which comes from the chorus of her song “Lately” featuring her boyfriend Tanner Alexander.

When it comes to fans getting their own tattoos inspired by her music, she told NME:

You know what, I’m not, it’s your body, whatever you wanna get tattooed on your body, I’m getting song lyric tattoos, so I can’t say not to do that. But my reaction was like ‘oh my god! You may not love me forever. Are you sure you want that on your body?’

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Juliet Simms

Juliet Simms has the words “I carry the fire” tattooed along her right forearm. Juliet says: “’I carry the fire’ means in our family that you carry the passion and that you are essentially a leader. You know, ‘I’m carrying the fire so follow me.’” She got this tattoo in the summer of 2010 and later released a song called “Carry The Fire” on the 2011 Automatic Loveletter acoustic album The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On.


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