Catt Sadler has a tattoo of two carat symbols > < on her right wrist which symbolize living in the present moment. In a post on her blog she explained its meaning:

“The ink on my right wrist isn’t a greater than less than sign, no. Truth is I saw this on a model at a photo shoot about 5 years ago. She explained that what it symbolized was a reminder to stay in the moment. The past, to my left if I’m staring at my tat, is the past. The future, to my right, is not promised, and may never even arrive. All that we are given is this very moment, and there in lies the gift of life. Focus on now. Be in this very breath. See the people before you. Quiet your mind and focus on *here* and *now*. I especially cherish that I can see this ink all day every day, as often as I see my hands really. It’s a gentle and permanent reminder to me. It’s especially sweet because I got inked with a dear friend of mine who got it in the exact same place. Love you LZ.”

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I love it when @themariavee beats my face. ???#tlc #tenderlovingcare #dowhatyoulove

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So long, YEAR. ??

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posted by Linda on January 30, 2015

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  1. Sorry tats are ugly at best. I see ugly ink. She is pretty but tats dirty her look. Too bad because she a beautiful women.this is the only time I’ve ever commented.

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