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Lucy Hale’s very first tattoo was a ribbon bow on the back of neck.  She got the cutesy design inked by Shamrock Social Club artist Dr. Woo before he became one of the most in-demand tattooists in Los Angeles, and she continues to be a fan of his work.

She talked about the tattoo, which was her only one at the time, in a 2012 interview with Maniac Magazine:

My most maniac moment was when I was 19 and I got my tattoo. It’s on the back of my neck. It’s a bow. Luckily I still like it. I got it after a break up and I wanted to do something rebellious, which is a kind of out of the norm for me.

Instagram / @lucyhale

Instagram / @lucyhale

Welcome to my garden party. @kristin_ess does it again ???

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posted by Linda on November 17, 2014

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