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Lucy Hale has a little sun tattoo on the left side of her upper back which matches the moon tattoo on her opposite side. It was the first of two tattoos that she shares with her sister Maggie. She told Refinery 29:

“I have a little, tiny sun that I got with my sister in honor of our grandmother.”

Whether coincidentally or intentionally, this tattoo sits near the “light” tattoo on her ribcage and the lightbulb on her upper arm (added later) which are both inspired by the fact that her name Lucy means light. The sun is of course another symbol of light.

We’re not sure exactly when she got this tattoo done. We first saw it in this picture that Dr Woo posted in June 2017 when she got her lightbulb tattoo, but the sun looks worn and seems to have been there for a while before.

Instagram / @_dr_woo_

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posted by Cristina on July 2, 2017

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