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The “Faye” tattoo on Kellie Pickler’s foot is the name of her grandmother. Kellie has a special relationship with her grandma, who she says “was like my mom and my best friend.” Kellie was abandoned by her mother at the age of two and her father was in and out of jail, so she was raised by her grandparents.

Faye died in 2002 and Kellie honored her with the tattoo in 2008. Kellie also wrote a song “My Angel” dedicated to her grandmother, a characterization which is shown with a halo on the tattoo. She told Maxim magazine, “My grandmother would be mortified if she knew I had these [tattoos]. She’s passed away now, but she would say, ‘Tattoos are the devil!’ So my first tattoo, of course, was my grandma’s name.”

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posted by Linda on November 24, 2012

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