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JoJo’s very first tattoo was a treble clef on her ring finger to represent her symbolic marriage to music. She told Hello Giggles “You know, my first tattoo was a Treble Clef note on my marriage finger, symbolizing that I am fully committed to music. There is nothing else in the world that makes me feel that way.”

“I’m a married woman. See this tattoo right here–it’s a treble clef–I’m married to music,” she tells Radio 92.3 NOW, explaining that she’s put relationship on hold to focus on her career. “until my future husband puts a big shiny rock over it, that’s where my commitment lies,” she tells HerCampus. “So it’s a constant reminder when I look down that this is my priority.”

Know your worth. Know your angles. Purple reign today.

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Getting strangled/suffocated by her love. I obviously don't mind.

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Red White & Boom!

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Celebrity: JoJo Levesque





posted by Linda on November 14, 2012

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