Brooke Candy’s Neck Tattoos

  1. eye in a triangle under her chin
  2. upside down cross behind her right ear
  3. tally marks for the number 7 behind her left ear
  4. knife handle on the right side of her neck
  5. “FEAR” written vertically on the right side of her neck
  6. black widow spider on the right side of her neck
  7. “op•u•lence” on the left side of her neck (crossed out)
  8. “NEVERMIND” above crossed out “opulence”
  9. number “33” on her throat
  10. “BABY” on her throat
  11. Hebrew word chai חי on the back of her neck
  12. “GOOD BYE” on the back of her head

The tattoo under her chin is an eye inside a triangle with swirls around it

she used to have a phonetic version of the word “opulence” on the side of her neck

Eleito melhor ser humano 2016 por eu mesmo ?

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she crossed out her dictionary-style “opulence” neck tattoo and wrote “NEVERMIND” above it

she got this tally number 7 at the London Tattoo Convention in September 2017

this three-dimensional style black widow spider was added by artist Dr Woo in December 2015

Good to catch up with old ? friends ? @brookecandy ?

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“FEAR” in Old English lettering and a little upside-down cross behind her ear

knife stabbed into her neck by artist Frank Carter at Sang Bleu London in October 2017

“GOODBYE” on her scalp

the Hebrew word chai חי on the back of her neck means “life”

@brookecandy "Damn you rabbit, you smell like fuckin piss."

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“BABY” on her throat

“33” on her throat

Celebrity: Brooke Candy


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posted by Linda on August 27, 2018

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