Brooke Candy’s Chest & Stomach Tattoos

  1. “Omnia Vincam” on top of her shoulder (crossed out)
  2. lightning bolt on her throat (covered)
  3. winged creature with a devil tail over the lightning bolt
  4. “HEAVEN” and “SENT” on her collarbones
  5. “I can do whatever I want” on her collarbone with “I’M SORRY” added to it
  6. Basquiat crown and “ISIS” on her collarbone (crossed out)
  7. quilt-like ornamental design on her sternum
  8. “EROTICA” on her sternum
  9. scorpion on her sternum
  10. barbed wire hearts around both nipples
  11. flames on her breasts
  12. “KILL EM ALL” and a rifle on her ribs
  13. “DADDY’S GIRL” on her ribs
  14. made-up eyes and a gun on her stomach
  15. hand holding a revolver on her stomach
  16. “SINGULARITY” on her stomach
  17. Playboy bunny skeleton on her stomach
  18. cherries on her hip

she crossed out this Latin tattoo of “Omnia Vincam” which means “I will conquer all”

surrealist creature cover-up of lightning bolt by artist Johann in June 2018

Heaven Sent by artist jaynawon in July 2018

“I can be whatever I want” is written in cursive letters with “IM SORRY” and an arrow added below it

mood as fuck

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she has scribbled through this tribute to graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and Egyptian goddess “ISIS,” and added the word “NOPE” above it

hand-poked ornamental design by artist Tati Compton in January 2018

Scorpion by artist Spider Sinclaire in July 2016

Scorpion for @brookecandy SNAPCHAT: spidersinclair

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Barbed wire hearts around nipples by artist Emily Malice at Sang Bleu London in October 2017

flames above nipples by artist Spider Sinclaire at Saved LA in August 2018

Kill Em All and rifle by artist SeanFromTexas at Tattoo Mania in February 2014

two different gun designs by artist Spider Sinclaire in November 2017

Thanks Brooke, so stoked to do these ones for you! ✨?✨

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“Singularity” by artist SeanFromTexas in September 2015

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Playboy bunny skeleton and cherries on her lower abdomen

Celebrity: Brooke Candy


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posted by Linda on August 27, 2018

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