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Kehlani’s first face tattoo was on her temple on the right side of her face. It says “Espíritu Libre” which is Spanish for “Free Spirit.”

Celebrity: Kehlani





posted by Linda on January 29, 2017

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  1. I love face tattoos! I never thought I would actually get one, but when I was 18, I finally decided to get one myself…i got a tiny red heart. it was a bold decision, but I started getting tatted up at 15, and by the time I was 18 about half my body was covered in tattoos. I have a cross on the right side of my face with a red heart and a couple tiny stars near the side of my eyebrow, I have a dagger on my sideburn, and my initials on my temple… I really want to get some sort of script on the other side of my face in the same area Kehlani has… not the same tattoo, but something similar. I reeeealllly have gotta slow down tho since I’m only 20.

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