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Alessia Cara has a tattoo of a sailboat on her left wrist to represent “smooth sailing.” For her it is a symbol of hidden strength. She told Billboard:

“It’s a paper sailboat. They seem so frail, but when you put them on water they float. It’s a reminder that even though I’m small and seem weak, I’m not.”

Fittingly, the sailboat-tattooed-singer was chosen to record the theme song for Disney’s Moana, a movie about a girl who sets sail on a makeshift boat.

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posted by Linda on January 6, 2016

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  1. I love you when is your next concert I listen to your music all the time and I think it would be really cool if I went to one of your concert or heard you in real life of live🥰🥰

  2. I Love Alessia, I was introduced to her music a few months before my mothers death as i was looking at movie music in you tube and stumbled across Alessia.
    She helped me, I love you Alessia, for ever grateful, coincidence.

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