Come What May Tattoos

Brooke Candy

Brooke Candy’s Back & Side Tattoos

  1. devil skull hiding behind a happy mask just below her neck
  2. “bliss” on her upper back
  3. “BITE IT YOU SCUM” on her left shoulder blade
  4. naked angel wearing high-heels at the center of her upper back
  5. three hand signs: middle finger, shaka, and devil horns on her right shoulderblade
  6. “777” next to her crossed out “666”
  7. crude drawing of nude woman’s torso
  8. surrealist flower with eyes for arms juggling balls
  9. “JUST KIDDING I’M HAPPY” (covered up)
  10. two-tailed snake with a flower head
  11. cherub shooting a bow on her right side
  12. “Property of Darren Craig” on her right side (crossed out)
  13. infinity symbol with “NOTHING LASTS FOREVER” on her left side
  14. huge scene from the garden of Eden with two angels
  15. “BUMP N GRIND MO’ FUKKA” pin up girl with an afro on her left side
  16. “TRAMP STAMP” on her lower back
  17. pot leaf on her butt
  18. “white trash” on her butt
  19. couple having sex on her left hip