SZA celebrated her debut studio album “Ctrl” by getting the title tattooed on her left forearm. The album was officially released on June 9, 2017 but SZA got the tattoo a few month prior.

Some of SZA’s die-hard fans have showed their devotion by getting their own “Ctrl” tattoos. One fan posted a picture of the tattoo that he got before the album was released and captioned it “I don’t listen yet but it already changed my life.”  SZA was so flattered that she reposted the picture and wrote “You’ve already changed mine. (got mines in the same spot too)”.

The album title “Ctrl” represents living in the present moment and just letting life happen without trying to control every little thing.

“It’s about analog and being at a time where we were brought information more slowly,” she told Complex. “Control is a concept, you think about getting away from analog, control is an illusion, you try and force it.”


In November 2015, SZA got this tattoo on her collarbone of a maple log and leaf as a tribute to the town of Maplewood, NJ where she grew up.  She told Complex:

I was born in St. Louis, but I’m from Maplewood, New Jersey. Maplewood is completely different than the rest of New Jersey. It’s very small. It’s quietly affluent but more lowkey. Lauryn Hill is from my town though. It was predominantly white, Jewish. I went to school with all white kids and my Girl Scout troop everyone was white. I was being the token black everyday.


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