Zombie Tattoos

Yasmine Yousaf

Yasmine Yousaf Kurt Cobain tattoo

Yasmine Yousaf has a portrait on her right forearm of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain with half of his face as a zombie. A Krewella fan drew the design for her and she had it tattooed in April 2013.
She told iHeartRadio “This one is like my dedication to Kurt Cobain cause he’s what got me obsessed with music in general. They were my first obsession band. I was obsessed with Nirvana, so this is like my tribute to him being alive forever and his music, but him also being dead in real life.”

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Megan Massacre

Megan Massacre had an awful tattoo on her calf which she got covered-up by artist Tim Pangburn on the TLC show America’s Worst Tattoos. It was supposed to be a zombie cutting himself in half with a razorblade but it looks more like an alien. What looks like guts at the waist was supposed to be roses.

The tattoo was done by an ex-boyfriend who was an apprentice and needed practice. She kept the tattoo for seven years and sometimes covered it with makeup. Now she has a new raven tattoo in its place.

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