Key Tattoos

Mindy White

Mindy White's skeleton key tattoo behind her ear

Mindy’s second tattoo is a key behind her ear done by Nashville, TN tattoo artist Ian White. It is a skeleton key in the style of Alice In Wonderland which represents infinite possibilities. Mindy explains:

It’s an Alice In Wonderland type key, a skeleton key. Because a skeleton key opens all doors, you can do anything you want. And I like Alice In Wonderland a lot.

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Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has a tattooed tribute to her father on her left forearm.  The tattoo consists of the word “Daddy,” a pink and gold heart-shaped lock, a golden key, and a pink banner which reads “This Too Shall Pass.” She got the tattoo in December 2003 while her father Ozzy Osbourne was recovering from a quad bike accident.


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