Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has a rabbit tattooed on the right side of her lower back. The white rabbit holding a pocket-watch is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

This tattoo seems to have been one of her more painful ones. She showed off her fresh ink in a February 2012 Facebook photo and wrote “And we done 3 hours I want to vomit on myself.”


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Mindy White

Mindy White's skeleton key tattoo behind her ear

Mindy’s second tattoo is a key behind her ear done by Nashville, TN tattoo artist Ian White. It is a skeleton key in the style of Alice In Wonderland which represents infinite possibilities. Mindy explains:

It’s an Alice In Wonderland type key, a skeleton key. Because a skeleton key opens all doors, you can do anything you want. And I like Alice In Wonderland a lot.

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