Porcelain Black Shows Off Her Closet

Porcelain Black shows Buzznet her closet

Porcelain Black gave Buzznet a tour of her closet and talked about some of some of her favorite dresses, coats, hats and shoes. Watch the video above to see all the goods!

on vintage clothes:
“A lot of stuff I wear is vintage. I try not to buy too much wholesale stuff because vintage is an original and you’re not gonna go to the club and see some other girl rocking your shit.”

on ethical fur:
“I definitely don’t buy new furs because I don’t believe in killing animals for fur. But if it’s sitting there and it’s amazing and somebody else didn’t want it, somebody else’s trash could be someone else’s gold, and those are my fur situations.”

on her favorite childhood tee:
“This is my favorite t-shirt — Beaton Colors, this is from my dad’s hair salon in the 90s. I used to wear this all the time when I was little, this was like my favorite shirt, I had them in every color. Actually the girl who plays me in my music video – the little one, there’s a little version of me, there’s a little version of Wayne – she’s wearing this shirt.”