Japanese Tattoos

Mila J

Mila J has Japanese writing tattooed along the top of her left shoulder. It is the seven virtues of Bushido, the principles of Japanese samurai warriors. These virtues are: righteousness (義), courage (勇), benevolence (仁), respect (禮), honesty (誠), honor (名誉), and loyalty (忠義).

She got this tattoo in memory of her deceased brother Miyagi Chilombo, who died of brain cancer in 2012. He had the 7 principles of the samurai on his back and their sister Jhené Aiko has the same tattoo on her leg.

Shenae Grimes

Shanae Grimes has a Japanese character tattoo on the inside of her right wrist. It means “Keep Calm” and was inspired by the time that she spent in Japan.

On her blog, she explained: “‘Keep calm’ was an important lesson that I learned from the beautiful Japanese culture during my terrifying experience in Tokyo a couple of months ago. It’s one that I’ve always struggled with as a naturally anxious person leading a chaotic life growing up in the entertainment industry.”