Skylar Grey Tattoos

Skylar Grey has a tattoo on the left side of her neck of two crossed hatchets. The image is in the negative space, with gray ink spread around it like a spray-paint stencil.

The hatchets represent the time that Skylar spent living in the woods and learning to survive on her own. She has used the same crossed axe design as her logo.

Skylar Grey has a tattoo on her chest which says “Woodrat.” She spent some time living in the woods which gave her perspective on life. She told Jump Philly “it was great because I found so much peace. I found myself again out there. I feel like I lost myself for a while after moving to L.A. and pursuing my dream and getting caught up in the whole weird world. I needed to reconnect with who I was. It was a soul-searching journey. It changed me.”

Skylar Grey has an Albert Einstein quote tattooed on her left forearm. It says “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” She told KDWB that the tattoo “helps me think outside the box and be creative and not do what everybody else is doing. And not worry if it sounds absurd at first because that’s usually a good thing.”

Skylar Grey has a tattoo on her back of a lumberjack clown. The design was inspired by the artist, Mister Cartoon, who is known for his clown tattoos. Skylar told Amp Radio “I wanted a lumberjack. Mister Cartoon has this signature thing that he does clowns. So I thought, why not just make it a lumberjack clown? Because that’s what I do, I mix weird stuff together. My album is like that, my fashion sense is like that.”