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Halsey has the lyrics “i’m a loser baby” tattooed along the left side of her neck in delicate cursive writing. This phrase was made famous by alternative singer-songwriter Beck’s 1993 hit song “Loser,” however these lyrics are also used in the 2017 song “Loser Baby” by indie band La Bouquet. She is a fan of both artists but has more of a personal relationship with La Bouquet and has actually tweeted about their song, which is more likely the direct inspiration for the tattoo. La Bouquet band member Bryan Sammis was one of the opening acts for Halsey’s American You(th) Tour with his solo project Olivver the Kid.

Halsey’s tattoo was done by artist Jon Boy at Bang Bang Tattoos in New York City in January 2017. She was accompanied by her boyfriend G-Eazy for the second time. He got an angel and devil on his arms which Halsey drew for him.

more photos of Halsey’s “i’m a loser baby” neck tattoo

soooooooooyy un perdedor @iamhalsey #jonboytattoo

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I’m a loser, baby. @allure

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? ♦️ @iamhalsey ??

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Halsey and G-Eazy with Jon Boy

round 2

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G-Eazy’s tattoos, designed by Halsey

the beautiful & damned @g_eazy #jonboytattoo

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Devil on one arm

? @g_eazy drawn by @iamhalsey #jonboytattoo

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Angel on the other arm

?? @g_eazy drawn by @iamhalsey #jonboytattoo

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posted by Linda on August 14, 2018

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