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Chiara Ferragni has the inspirational quote “I swear I’ll never give in / I refuse” on the back of her upper left arm in her own handwriting.  These lyrics come from the song “Best of You” by The Foo Fighters, who she described as “one of my forever favourite bands.”  She wrote on her website The Blonde Salad:

It’s a sentence with such a big meaning to me, from one of my favourite songs, written so thin that it looks like it is only written by pen. I’ve been wanting this tattoo for months and in Los Angeles I finally made my decision and made it.

She got the tattoo in April 2012.  It gives a strong message to always keep fighting even when faced with adversity.  She told Glamour:

My favorite [tattoo] I got done on my last night in L.A. after Coachella by Dr. Woo, who is super good, and it’s in my handwriting; I just wrote it on paper.

Though that was back in 2013 when she only had five tattoos, so it might not be her favorite anymore.

One of those days #TheBlondeSaladStopsSometimes

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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

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Ripped and vintage just how I like it ?? #AmericanDays

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Outside the box #theblondesaladgoestonewyork

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posted by Linda on June 28, 2018

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