Noah Cyrus has three celestial symbols on her knuckles: a twinkling star on her index finger, a crescent moon on her middle finger, and a sun on her ring finger.  She loves outer space although she’s not sure why it appeals to her so much.  She told AMBY:

I love planets, that’s like my thing….I love talking about planets, and my tour manager makes fun of me and will be like ‘you’re an astronaut today,’ and will totally make fun of me for it.  So now it’s kind of turned into a joke that I just want to be an astronaut and work at NASA.

She got these first three in November 2017 and then added a heart on her pinkie in March 2018.

The heart is a Cyrus family tradition, which started when they were little kids.  Miley drew a heart on her dad Billy Ray’s hand and he liked it so much that he tattooed it to show his love for her.  When Miley was old enough, she got her own heart tattoo on her pinkie which was inspired by his.  Their mom Leticia has heart tattoos on her hand and on her pinkie finger.  Sister Brandi and brother Trace have heart tattoos as well.

While getting her heart tattoo, she also touched up the faded horseshoe on her pinkie which is a tribute to her mom.

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