The lines on the left side of Lynn Gunn’s ribcage are a matching tattoo with photographer Lindsey Byrnes.  The “||||=|” design is a symbol of equality, showing that many people are all one.

So proud of you! Thanks for showing off our matching tattoo ||||=| – #Repost @lynngvnn ・・・ Some days I feel more like a genderless elf than a woman. My body and my energy has always danced between masculine and feminine. What makes me feel sexy is steering neither female nor male, it is meeting in the middle somewhere. A few months ago @lindseybyrnes asked if I wanted to do a shoot with @playboy. I immediately said yes. I had no idea what to expect of the shoot but something felt like I needed to do it. I had the best time shooting with the wonderful @lindseybyrnes and a small crew of all women. It was the most comfortable and myself I’ve ever felt on a shoot, even moreso than some where I’ve been entirely clothed and accompanied by my wonderful band mates. I felt completely free to be me; somewhere in the middle of beautiful and handsome. Grateful and proud to be a part of a celebration of all body types and all expressions of sexuality. Thank you @playboy & @lindseybyrnes for the opportunity and for letting me be me ♥️ full article at (link is in my bio & insta story)

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posted by Linda on June 5, 2018

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