Danielle Bregoli, the rebellious teen who coined the term “Cash Me Ousside, How Bow Dah?” during an appearance on the Dr Phil show, has a large flower tattoo on her right upper arm. The tattoo says “Family First,” which seems ironic considering that her disrespect for her mother is what landed her on TV in the first place.

She got the inking in March 2017 just before her 14th birthday. It’s shocking that any tattoo artist would do a tattoo so large on someone so young. In her home state of Florida, the legal minimum for all tattoos is 16 years old with parental consent and 18 without permission.

“So what I got a tattoo at 14, bitch I was wearing big earrings in 3rd grade, catch me ousside,” she tweeted.

Danielle responded to accusations that the tattoo is fake by posting a video in which she wipes at the tattoo with a wet paper towel to show that no ink comes off. It’s real. The tattoo looks decent at least, but we hope she doesn’t come to regret it.

Play if u want but u know I ain’t playin ?? #hibich

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posted by Linda on May 23, 2017

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  1. So it’s “ironic” that she has a tattoo saying “Family First” but disrespected her mother? All kids go through that at some point. Some more extreme than others, I’m guilty of it myself but MY MOTHER is my world and she will ALWAYS come first in my book. I got a tat special for her on my left inner ankle. Her tats are cool though.

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