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Danielle Bregoli has a writing tattoo along the side of her left ring finger which says her ex-best friend’s name “Zandalee”. The tattoo can be seen most clearly in her YouTube videos, but the first letter is already worn down.

Zandalee aka “ZeZe” has a very similar look and attitude to Dani and was a role model for her. ZeZe is older and has many more tattoos and piercings. They claim to be sisters or step-sisters but they aren’t actually related. Danielle’s dad, who she rarely sees, thinks Zandalee was actually more like a parent than a sister since she often took care of her when her mother wasn’t around.

We’re not sure what happened between them but they aren’t friends anymore. On her instagram live, ZeZe and a friend can be seen shit-talking Danielle. They allege that Danielle’s “hard” persona is exaggerated and that she’s a copycat of ZeZe. “Danielle’s trying to be like me,” Zandalee says. “Bitch she stole my thing. Bitch she stole my swag…She was not shit…Little white trailer trash. Skinny as fuck, little stick and bones…she dates all my exes…Dani is ratchet as fuck…She can’t fight, boy that little girl’s only 13…she be saying ‘Pissy pussy thot’ – she got it from me. ‘Cash me ousside’ – she got it from me.

ZeZe leaked a video of Danielle getting beat up by her mother to “expose” her as soft and weak, but really it’s just sad. Danielle’s mom has had multiple domestic violence charges filed against her from Danielle’s dad, stepmother, and a man she was dating. It’s not hard to see why Danielle acts the way she does.

Overall Zandalee seems like a bad influence and Danielle is better off without her. The type of criminal behavior that ZeZe encouraged is the reason that Danielle is on probation for five years with a 5pm curfew. We think she was speaking of ZeZe when she told the court “I was with a friend I shouldn’t have been with, a friend from my past…I regret it very much.”

It’s just a shame she’s stuck with this stupid tattoo. Danielle got this tattoo when she was only 13 years old and it’s a perfect example of why young kids shouldn’t make such permanent decisions. Friendships might not last but tattoos will, so think before you ink!

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posted by Linda on May 23, 2017

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