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Becky G has a tattoo on her left wrist which says “Familia” — the Spanish word for family. She comes from a Spanish-speaking Mexican-American family and is very in-touch with her heritage. “Although my Spanish is flawed and I didn’t grow up in Mexico, I take pride in my roots. My family’s history and the fact that all the traditions and morals passed down have shaped me to be who I am today is what it means to be a second-generation-born Mexican-American for me,” she told PopSugar.

She got this tattoo from artist Dr Woo in September 2016 at the same time as the dragonfly on her side. “My tattoos went well. I was not in pain. I felt very relaxed, very calm. And I think it’s because I waited for the right person to do them. It was tattoos that I was very, very sure of and I just felt really right about it,” she said in a Q&A video. She’d been planning both of her tattoos for a long time and tweeted about wanting a cursive “Familia” tattoo back in April 2016.

Snapchat / Becky G

Snapchat / Becky G

Snapchat / Becky G

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Snapchat / Becky G

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posted by Cristina on December 19, 2016

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